The squish is all the rage. Squishies are toys that kids can squish and smash, and then watch them slowly rise back to their original shape. And kids cannot get enough of these smushy collectibles. Luckily, there are some cool new ones for kids to discover.

Smooshy Mushy, from Redwood Ventures, is a brand new line of squishy toys that will delight kids with multiple surprises, silly scents, and soft textures.

These food-and-animal mashups are both smooshy and mushy, staying true to their name. Kids can discover a bunny sundae, a pancake piggy, a hamburger Frenchie, and more. Each character features a sweet scent and comes with adorable little accessories.

Best of all, Smooshy Mushy is PACKED with surprises. Kids can upwrap each blind pack to discover the unique container their squishy lives in, then pop the top to reveal their mushy pal. There’s also a small accessory inside, such as a sippy cup, AND a Bestie, AKA a miniature smooshy pal. Read as: Two squishies for the price of one!

The Bento Box is a sure-fire hit, and this $15 Lunchables-style package will reveal more than five surprises for kids to unwrap. Each Bento Box is styled after a different food from around the world, such as the Extra Cheesy Foxy Taco or the OoeyGooey Pizza.

Kids will love the ultra-slow rise component of these squishies—easily one of the squishiest squishies we’ve seen so far. There’s something satisfying about watching those little foodie friends plump up, almost like they’re baking. Even adults can get in on the fun—they make great stress relievers or fidget toys for your desk.

Smooshy Mushy squishies are ultra collectible, combining the surprise excitement of L.O.L. Surprise with the adorableness of Shopkins. Grab these while you can—they’re sure to be gone by Christmas.