The Smooshy Mushy Series 4 from RedwoodVentures is here and it is saah-wweeet! The Smooshy story continues with the Smooshy Mushy Pets and Besties in the search of the best hot cocoa and pastries in Smooshyville!

Slowly unwrap the faux hot cocoa to-go cup that is available in blue, lavender, or pink packaging. As you do, you’ll see the sweet smelling Pet unveiled from the little see-thru window on the side of the cup! Screw off the lid and you’ll find a mini-sized to-go container, a name tag, and keychains. Then, you’ll also find the Bestie that matches your Pet.

In Series 4, there are eight Smooshy Mushies to find. The Pet characters include a tiger, a pony, a mouse, an owl, and a pug. The Besties are in the form of a cakepop, a puff pastry, a pie, or a petite four.

The Smooshy scent smells like chocolate, but it is mild for sensitive noses. Yet, between the sin-worthy scent and delightful pastry character, you are warned that you might start craving something sweet! (No worries though—no calories here!)

When the unveiling is complete, the Bestie, the Pet, or the mini to-go cup can be transformed into a backpack or bag charm. The larger to-go cup can be used for fun role play for the kiddos. The mini-cup is a perfect size for 18-inch doll play opportunities.

Within the cup, there is a character guide. On the back of it is a Smooshy word game. Kids can create their own silly Smooshy story for an interactive touch as part of their Smooshy play. (Parenting tip: Make a copy so you can do it more than once.)

These Smooshy Mushy Pets and Besties are geared for kids 5 and up and retail for $9.99. This grownup had a hard time not taking a Smooshy Mushy for herself, which is really the only product downfall. So, adults with the heart of a child may want to pick up one for themselves. The Besties especially look adorable hanging off a purse!