Launching in May, series three of RedwoodVenturesSmooshy Mushy slow-rise collectible line introduces the Smooshy Mushy Creamery sweet squad!

The tasty creamery-themed treats come in eight different styles, each packaged in a super cool ice cream cone. Kids twist the top of the ice cream scoop to discover which Smooshy Mushy pet is hiding inside. Plus, they can get a whiff of the super sweet scent! So smooshy, so squishy, and now so sweet! You can see the full Toy Insider review here.

I unboxed my own Smooshy Mushy series three collectible with help from my daughter, revealing Rose Rabbit and her bestie Sara Sundae. After we did, we got a major sweet tooth and wanted to make some ice cream sundaes! Here is how you can make your own Rose Rabbit/Sara Sundae combination for real!


What you need:

Pink Ice Cream: Any flavor as long as it is pink. Could even be sherbet! However, aim for a pink hue to reflect “Rose” Rabbit. We went with strawberry—a classic!

Whipped Cream: Essential for a sundae! Mix with green food coloring if you want. You can find also fine organic, natural versions in your local health food store.

M&Ms (or equivalent): For eyes.

Licorice: For whiskers.

Vanilla Wafers (or equivalent): For ears! You could even use vanilla sandwich cookies or cut a waffle in quarters.

Optional – Chocolate Sauce: Dip the tips of the ears into chocolate sauce for a sweet, cocoa flavor.

Colorful Sprinkles: Top with sprinkles to give her some sweet sparkle.

Put it all together, similar to this picture, and dig-in to satisfy that Sweet Tooth!

Alternatively, make an ice cream dish that looks like Sara Sundae herself! Simply place a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream in a bowl. Top with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, a cherry and sprinkles—yum!