So smooshy, so squishy, and now so sweet!

Series three of RedwoodVenturesSmooshy Mushy slow-rise collectible line introduces the Smooshy Mushy Creamery gang. The tasty creamery-themed treats come in eight different styles and are filled with sweet surprises.

The fun is hidden inside the hard plastic ice cream cone containers, which are decorated in different flavors, such as strawberry, mint, or vanilla. Kids twist the top of the ice cream scoop to discover which Smooshy Mushy pet is hiding inside. The smooshies are available in different assortments, including a pink bunny, a green frog, a tan monkey, a waving penguin, spotted leopards, and colorful corgis. To say these adorable pals have a sweet tooth is an understatement. Each smooshy features sugary details, such as chocolate covered-bunny ears, an ice cream scoop hat, and even a cherry on top. Kids that find the rare Smooshy will be in for a real treat. This black and white corgi is ready for fun and has a purple swirled ice cream scoop running down its head.

For your own personal sugar fix, close your eyes and take a whiff of each pet. With unique dessert-inspired scents, each Smooshy will instantly transport you to the Candy Land of your dreams. Faye Froggy can’t stop hopping thanks to all the sugary treats he’s been snacking on, and he sure does reek of it—in the best way possible! Our froggy friend smells like sweet strawberry candies. Yum.

It wouldn’t be fair to leave these sugar-loving Smooshies without anything to snack on. Lucky for them, each Smooshy also comes with a Mystery Bestie snuck inside a plastic bag. Kids can unwrap it and see which sweet treat will keep their Smooshy satisfied. These dynamic duos include Faye Froggy and Wendy Wafer; Lola Leopard and Mikki Mochi; Rose Rabbit and Sara Sundae; Mimi Monkey and Robyn Rainbow; Peggy Penguin and Sunny Sundae; Colby Corgi and Chilla Vanilla; Casey Corgi and Sandy Sandwich; Suzy Snow Leopard and Bobbi Bubblegum.

The ice cream cone is filled with more than just this duo. In addition to the Smooshy pet and its Bestie, each Creamery collectible also includes a sticker, a mini Smooshy ice cream cone, and a name tag.

This sweet squad will be available in May and is sure to delight.