Oh, baby! Look what the Smooshy Mushy crew is up to now!

RedwoodVentures introduces the newest collectibles to join the Smooshy Mushy line, Smooshy Mushy Baby!

On the surface, Smooshy Mushy Baby looks like an oversized baby bottle. It even has an outer layer of milk (well, liquid that looks like milk—don’t worry, it won’t spoil) to give you that extra realistic effect.

Once kids open the bottle, they’ll find a mini Smooshy Mushy squishable friend that’s—you guessed it—a baby! These little squishy friends are super adorable. They’re wearing bonnets that look like different animals, reminiscent of the Smooshy Mushy characters you already know and love, and each character features a different hair colors and skin tones. Plus, each baby comes with a matching little squishy animal friend with a mini bottle of its own, and keychains.

There are six babies available to collect: Binky Baby and Fitzy Frog; Fluffy Frou Frou and Skunky-Boo; Cuddly Cub and Bearymore; Sweet Peep and Lil’ Lambie; Boo Boo Bunny and Cutesy Cottontail; and Missy Mane and Sugarhooves (my personal favorite—the unicorn, obviously).

In typical Smooshy Mushy fashion, each baby is scented and is holding a sweet treat because even babies need to treat themselves. Plus, they come with a nametag, a sticker, and a collection poster that doubles as an adoption certificate.

So get your squish on, and start collecting the cutest little babies out there.