Pull down your goggles, grab a mallet, and get to work.

Kids can embark on their own paleontological digs with NSI International’s Smithsonian Diggin’ Up Dinosaurs T-Rex. Using the kit, kids can excavate replica dinosaur fossils, and then assemble a miniature T-Rex replica from the pieces that they unearth.

Before paleontologists start to dig at their heavy-duty sand block, they can set up their work area with the included goggles, wooden mallet, wooden dowel, and brush. Word to the wise, it may get a bit messy—We are digging up dino fossils, people!—so parents should cover the area with a layer of newspaper so that sand block remnants don’t become a permanent fixture in the house.

Now, kids are ready for action. After they secure their protective goggles, they can use the wooden mallet and dowel to begin scraping away parts of the block. For any eager beavers out there who are ready to pulverize their block, the best results will be achieved from careful, cautious scrapes. During the excavation, kids can use the brush to remove dust from the block.

If kids spot a fossil during their dig, they should stick to that area and avoid scratching or cracking any of the bones. After they unearth the fossil, they should rinse it off to remove the remaining sand. The whole exciting endeavor will probably take kids about an hour to perform. Once they dig out all of the dinosaur’s fossils, they can assemble the model T-Rex and proudly display it for all to see.

The kit also comes with a poster that includes interesting facts and explanations about the evolution and extinction of dinosaurs. This allows little paleontologists to take their activities one step further and learn the history behind the fossils that they just dug up.

The Smithsonian Diggin’ Up Dinosaurs T-Rex kit lets kids go on exciting excavations right in their own homes. While they dig away, they’ll absorb fun facts about this incredible prehistoric creature.