Some of the New Smarts & Crafts Products | Souce: Walmart/the Toy Insider

Give kids the right tools and they can create anything — even UFOs and unicorns.

Walmart officially launched Smarts & Crafts from Todd Oldham Studio, a playful collection of arts and crafts kits and supplies created by celebrity designer, decorator, and author, Todd Oldham. The collection includes 75 craft sets, bedding, and home decor designed for kids ages 3-14.

Imaginations will soar with a variety of crafty kits that kids can use to make their own fairy tales, alien spaceships, wooden flower gardens, robot window art, journals, jewelry, comic books, and more. Most of the sets include gadgets and gizmos aplenty, such as sparkly paper sheets, felt sheets, googly eyes, pom poms, gems, beads, fuzzy sticks, paint, and paintbrushes. The supplies and tools vary depending on the type of kit and there are also even larger supply kits available, such as the 241-piece Fuzzy Sticks and Wood Beads Kit or the 1,057-piece Make Your Own Craft Supply Library.

Rainbow Smush Crayon | Source: Walmart

There is something especially appealing about the Smush Crayons, available in robot, rainbow, cosmic, and rainforest designs. Each one is like a jumbo, multi-hued crayon molded into a 3D shape exploding with color. Kids can use different edges of the crayon to find specific colors, move it around on paper to watch the stream of color change, or drag the bottom on paper to create a wide band of color.

The Smarts & Crafts line is meant to inspire open-ended play and ambient learning with playful and fun products. Click here to explore the full collection.