IQTwistEver since I was a kid, I have been all about logic games. I love brainteasers and puzzles that make you think and give you a certain pride in figuring out the answer. That’s why I love Smart Toys & GamesIQ Twist. With IQ Twist, kids ages 6 and up try to fit all the twisted puzzle pieces onto the game board. The game comes included with colored pegs and a booklet with different puzzles. Players choose a puzzle, then lay out the colored pegs on the board as the puzzle instructions dictate. The challenge becomes fitting all those uniquely shaped puzzle pieces back on to the game board, filling up the game board with no empty spaces or leftover pieces.

This single player logic game comes with 100 challenges that range from easy to extremely difficult. Although the game is designed for kids ages 6 and up, I will admit that I even found some of the easier puzzles challenging. The booklet also provides solutions in the back for those who need a little extra help. When I tried it out, I found the game very addicting. There’s something about getting so close—but still having one leftover piece that gives you a certain drive to keep playing until you solve it. I found that I was able to pretty quickly solve a “Wizard” level puzzle (giving me false sense of confidence), but still needing to sneak a quick peek at the solutions for some of the more moderate puzzles. One of the things I like the most about this game is that while it is challenging, the puzzles are not impossible, so kids and adults alike will have fun solving them!

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