VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

Any parent of a toddler knows that they’re always on the go. Getting them to move those little feet isn’t a challenge, but channeling all of that energy into an actual activity can be.

It gets a little easier with VTech’s new play set. With the Smart Shots Sports Center, babies ages 1 and up can practice two different sports, be active, and learn new skills at the same time.

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

The electronic Smart Shots Sports Center features a soccer net and a basketball hoop. Parents can cheer on their sports stars in training as they toss the basketball into the hoop and watch as the LED screen counts the number of baskets made and displays fun animations to keep them shooting. Toddlers can also kick the soccer ball into the net and watch as the sports center responds with encouraging sounds and phrases.

As the scoreboard counts the baskets, babies will learn both cause and effect and numbers. A purple lever on the side restarts the scoreboard count so the fun goes on and on.

VTech Smart Shots Sports CenterBabies will build fine motor skills as they manipulate the play set’s many features. They can turn the gears to hear playful sounds; press the shape buttons to learn shapes and numbers and hear fun sounds; and flip pages to learn even more. There are more than 50 sounds in total.

The play set comes in two styles: the classic blue, green, and yellow; and black and red.