Squishies and slime are two of today’s hottest toy trends–especially on YouTube–and ORB‘s Slimi Café brings them together for creative, tactile, gooey good time.

Designed for kids ages 8 and up, the Slimi Café line includes 10 different multi-piece ORB Soft’n Slo Squishies, including a lattice-topped pie, a waffle stack, a cannoli, and more.

The squishys themselves are super satisfying to squeeze over and over, but the Slimi Café line also offers four types of ORB Slimi Café toppings, sold separately, which kids can use to decorate the squishys. Each topping comes in a squeezable, resealable pouch, and there are three “flavors” of each topping to choose from.

(While these products may have flavors and resemble sweet treats, no part of this toy is edible.)

Swirleez topping has a putty consistency, so kids can remove it from the pouch, roll it, and create a drizzle look over the squishy play baked goods. Swirleez come in Razzleberry, Grapify, and Lemonitwist flavors.

The Jameez topping is more of a stretchy, slimi substance, which kids can drape over the squishy to create a glaze or place between squishy layers as a filling. This topping comes in Strawbellicious, Bluerazzleberry, and Bluebellicious flavors.

Fluffiwhipz is a shapeable, twisty topping kids can use as a decorative garnish or dollop on top of their creations. It’s available in Tangerini, Minteriffic, and Veriberry flavors.

And finally, Drizzlerz is a drippy, shiny glaze kids can use to decorate their creations. Kids can choose from Appleicious, Melonade, and Starberry.

The fun part comes when kids combine the squishys and all of these toppings in creative ways. Once kids create their masterpiece, they can snap a photo and, with parent permission, share it with the hashtag #ORBSlimiCafe.

Then, kids can feel the slimi, squishy satisfaction of squashing their creation. It may seem a bit gross or messy, but kids who love slime will definitely enjoy the multi-textured squish. Kids may need to wash their hands after play, but cleanup is fairly easy. The different toppings and the squishys are specially designed not to stick to each other, so kids can easily separate all the pieces to make new designs over and over. Just make sure you don’t combine two of the same types of toppings—unless you’re looking to create a new color of your own—because those will squish together without coming back apart. 

The creation combinations are endless, and kids will enjoy getting creative with the super-squishy Slimi Café.