If you get as excited as a little yellow fish in Finding Nemo when it comes to bubbles, you may want to grab your bubble chest.

The Slick Tricks kits, from Little Kids Inc., allow kids to become bubble masters. From dancing bubbles to stretched bubbles to catching bubbles, the three different solutions—premium, touchable, and bouncing—in the Slick Tricks line set the stage for kids to learn more than a dozen different tricks. There are six sets available, ranging from smaller packs with one solution, to master packs with all three solutions.

When I was a kid, the only trick I remember being able to master with bubbles was being able to catch them on the wand, sometimes stacking to or three if the wind didn’t pick up. With my bubble cone, sometimes I could blow a second bubble inside of a big bubble. But Slick Tricks considers both of those tricks with their bubbles as “easy.” Things are about to get serious.

The goal of slick trick bubbles is to jazz up a typical day of blowing bubbles in the backyard. There are stars next to each trick in the book to indicate how difficult it is. Tricks such as the bouncing and dancing bubbles are considered easy, while the bubble palace (two bubbles inside another bubble) and spinning bubbles are some of the most difficult to master.

The solutions are much different in consistency than a normal bottle of bubbles—hence why you can do all these tricks—but this makes for a little bit of a messier situation. I would definitely suggest sticking to using these bubbles outside so there is no residue left on anything indoors.

The Slick Tricks Master Kit comes with everything needed to learn 20 different tricks. There are four bottles of solution (two of the premium), as well as several different types of wands and blowers. For older kids who are looking to impress a summer cookout with their bubble tricks, they may need to find another pair of gloves to use for a few of the tricks. The pair that comes with the kit are definitely made for tinier hands (think Dooneese or kids under 8), but they’re just cotton gloves so kids can get a pair at basically any dollar store.

Even though the packaging says Slick Tricks is designed for kids ages 5 and up, I was expecting some of the tricks to be much more difficult even for someone who is about to turn 24. Luckily, I was wrong! Mastering the tricks isn’t as intimidating as it might seem and once you perfect them, it’s a blast to show off your new skills, again even for someone who is about to turn 24.