Slackers_Box Quarterbacks, pitchers, and goalies are well-known athletic positions in popular sports across America, but a new band of ultimate athletes is taking center stage in the U.S.: American Ninja Warriors. Men and women train year-round in this growing competitive sport, where they race against the clock to complete a series of obstacles that will test their strength, balance, and agility.

Now, kids can train to become the next Kacy Catanzaro or Flip Rodriguez with the Slackers Ninjaline. The Intro Kit features a 36-foot Slackers line that kids can hang between two posts or sturdy trees, and then hang up to seven hanging obstacles from the line: three 10-inch nylon rope monkey fists, two 16-inch monkey bar holds, and two gymnastics rings.

Kids can put their upper body strength to the test, and see how many obstacles they can complete and race to make it from one end of the line to the other. More exciting than a traditional set of monkey bars, the Ninjaline lets kids mix and match the different obstacles using the easy clips, letting them switch up the course as often as they like.


The monkey fists feature a small chunky knot at the end of the nylon rope, challenging kids to hold on to a small surface as the swing across, while the gymnastic rings provide a slightly larger area for kids to wrap their fingers around. The monkey bars are arguably the easiest obstacle, giving kids a long bar large enough to fit both hands.

Kids can place each obstacle close together to start, and then challenge themselves by spreading them out as they get better at moving along the course. Perfect for backyard BBQs, play dates, or even American Ninja Warrior-themed parties, the Ninjaline provides fans of the series with the ultimate at-home Ninja challenge.

The Ninjaline is easy to install and take down thanks to the steel ratchet and rubberized grips. Plus, the entire line and all of the obstacle pieces store neatly in the included drawstring bag for on-the-go Ninja training.

Luckily, the Ninjaline is sturdy enough to hold up to 250 pounds, so adults can get in on the action, too (Family AMW competition, anyone?). Designed for kids ages 6 and up, the Slackers Ninjaline allows kids to bring all the fun of the playground right to the backyard, while training to become the next American Ninja Warrior in hopes of someday competing at Mount Midoriyama.