Since last holiday season, Skylanders has been all the rage and now the action packed video game line has introduced even more characters to collect and play with!

Like the original characters, kids can bring Lightning Rod, Sunburn and Zook to life in the Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure video game or at the Skylanders Spyro’s Universe web world.

Lightning Rod is a celebrity among the Skylanders and joins Whirlwind and Sonic Boom to the roster of available air element characters. His primary attack, the lightning bolt, packs a powerful zap, while his secondary attack – grand lightning summoning – can take out a wider range of baddies.

Sunburn is part dragon and part phoenix, making him one of the most unique creatures in Skylands. Sunburn hails from the fire element and although he can breathe flames like the best of them, he can also teleport to protect himself. Sunburn rounds out the line-up of fire characters, joining Ignitor, Flameslinger and Eruptor.

Zook is a life character and comes locked and loaded with a bazooka attack. His hand-carved bamboo bazooka fires special explosive thorns and he can protect himself with his foliage barriers as he wanders throughout Skylands. Zook joins Stealth Elf and Stump Smash in the currently available line-up of life characters.

New Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure characters are now available at major retailers for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC and 3DS.

*** UPDATE ** In regards to recent retail shipments of the latest Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure figurines we received this statement from an OFFICIAL SKYLANDERS REP:

“Shipments have already gone out to retailers nationwide but these shipments were light and due to high product demand, many retailers sell out quick making it hard to find these toys. However, shipments to retailers will continue throughout the month and we are projecting heavier allotments and expect it will be easier to find them.

To help navigate, we wanted to send along some additional details on where you can find the different Skylanders in your area. The Dragon’s Peak Adventure Pack is available only at Toys ‘R Us so might be harder to find. The Zook and Lightning Rod characters are being shipped to retailers nationwide including Toys ‘R Us, Best Buy, Gamespot, Walmart and Target”