The Sky Viper Journey Pro Video Drone Offers Stress-Free Flight

This year’s newest Skyrocket Sky Viper drone got some serious upgrades.

The Sky Viper Journey Pro Video Drone features some familiar features for those who love drones. You can stream and record live high-def video with the adjustable, wide-angle camera lens. The camera can pivot so you can choose to record or stream the flight path or the scenery below you.

The biggest advantage this drone has over the other Skyrocket drones is its “Auto Pilot Stage 2” level of flight features. These features all help pilots easily fly their drone, making it accessible for novices and drone enthusiasts alike.

What puts this drone in this elite stage is its use of GPS technology to help make flight more stable—and much easier. It features a hands-free position hold, meaning when you take your hands off of the controller, the drone will come to a complete stop in mid-air. Using the GPS technology, the drone will continuously confirm its position and self-correct if it starts to drift, and it can even compensate for the wind.

This drone also features a return to home feature, meaning that—again, thanks to the GPS—the drone knows where it took off from (and its current location through the whole flight time). The controller features a one-touch button that you can press for the drone to fly itself back to its original launch point. The best part of this feature is that it also helps out with flyaway prevention, so you’re way less likely to lose your drone while flying it. If you lose signal from the controller or if the battery level drops too low, your drone will override the controls and fly itself back to home (the launch point). After all, the drone knows best, right?

You can also put this drone into follow me mode, which lets your drone follow you, hands-free, wherever you go. Tie this in with that video streaming feature and your Instagram story is about to be RIDICULOUS.

Overall, the Sky Viper Journey Pro Video Drone is packed with features that make drone piloting much more accessible for those who may not be able to flawlessly fly even toy drones without crashing (hi, it’s me). With this durable drone, kids will be able to make cool videos, enjoy fun flights, and not have to worry about their drone flying away.



Manufacturer: Skyrocket
MSRP: $99.99

3 Responses to “The Sky Viper Journey Pro Video Drone Offers Stress-Free Flight”

  1. Robert Brower Jr

    I bought the sky viper journey and for a first time drone I couldn’t be more pleased. It was simple to get started! As soon as I flew the journey I was able to fly it comfortably with all it’s gps and ardupilot is amazing! I can now fly it comfortably in sport mod and really get a good sense of humor grade performance:) finially working the auto launch/land is simple when you use common sense to slow flight and Hoover then auto land!… brilliant! Home I can’t be happier with the product and price…. I would pay double for this tech! I only wish it came or had a carring case or pack/bag!!

  2. William L. Perkins

    Let me start by informing you that this is MY VERY FIRST NEGATIVE REVIEW of a product ever on amazon…
    Please read further to save yourself hours of frustration and pain (AND MONEY).
    Wow. Where can I start. This thing is a total waste of money. Let me begin by explaining what this drone “does” according to the manufacture.
    “Hands free position hold”: Description according to box “Take your hands off of the controller and your drone comes to a complete stop in Mid-air.” Wow is this ever a lie. Initially this drone would veer and constantly go in a random direction regardless of how long you left your hands off the controller. Not once did it get remotely close to holding a position. I tried doing a re calibration and a factory reset according to the manufacture. This did nothing to improve it. It was the exact same following all the recommendations.

    “Return to Home” description: ” GPS knows where you took off and your drone’s current location at all times during flight. With the simple press of a button you can tell your drone to fly itself back to its original launch without any further point.” DO NOT USE THIS unless you want your drone to literally fly off in a random direction. I read all the instructions, and followed all the rules. This feature doesn’t work AT ALL.

    “Fly Away Prevention”: “Have you ever lost a drone? If your drone loses signal with the controller or if it’s battery level is dropping too low. Auto Pilot will override the controls and your drone will automatically fly itself back to home” This feature obviously doesn’t work. I’ve detailed it in the comments above. It will literally fly off in a random direction an crash as soon as the battery gets even close to low. (I’ve used this within in 20 feet of myself and even before the battery is out it wont respond to commands. Good luck getting this waste of money back).

    “Follow me”: Launch into a hover then activate follow me mode to make your drone autonomoulsy follow you wherever you go… No hands on the controller. What a fun way to fly and keep your focus on the live video stream” : again only do this if you want to THROW AWAY MONEY. Because this worthless drone will fly to god knows where. Good luck finding it unless you can run REALLY FAST and climb trees.

    Ultimately this product is a complete waste of money. DON’T BUY EVEN IF IT’S ON SALE!!!!!! It won’t fly outside or in. Wind or no wind. This drone has a mind of its own and consistently won’t listen to its controller.

    Fluke you may ask? I think not. This drone was bought for myself, and two others for Christmas (12/25/2018). Everyone I know who got this drone is having the EXACT SAME PROBLEMS!

    Silly me, I thought to myself “I play video games, I’m quick with my fingers. I can fix this malfunction problem. I can make this drone work”. I took it outside into my back yard. Turned it on. It literally took off sky high, and went haywire. The controls were unresponsive up until it crashed into a tree 40 yards away. It is now stuck at the top of a 50 ft. tree. And I am pissed beyond belief at what a piece of junk this product is.

    You might ask “Why didn’t you contact customer service?” I did. Their only response was to return the drone to where I bought it or have the receipt. Myself, and my brother in laws’ received this as a gift for Christmas with no receipt. So apparently sky viper has no other solutions. Basically it puts out a very sub par product and hopes that people, like me, don’t have the necessary means to return it. They obviously haven’t spent much on producing this toy otherwise it wouldn’t be such a disappointment.

    Ultimately this was a complete waste of money. The worst part was all the promises it came with, which made me excited. It not only doesn’t live up to its description, it under performs it so badly it’s not even funny.

    If this product is $25 or less I would recommend buying it ONLY as long as you don’t expect much out of it.
    The $100 dollars my family spent on this was absolutely wasted as this piece of junk is currently hanging 50ft high in a tree.
    P.s. it took much will power to not curse in this review as I am extremely scathing right now.


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