sky viper video drone
Designed for kids ages 12 and up, the Sky Viper HD Video Drone V950, from Skyrocket Toys, is the perfect entry-level drone for kids looking to reach new heights. Flying the Sky Viper V950 is fairly easy, but that’s not to say that kids will master the controls from the jump. Like most things in life, practice makes perfect.

My first flight plan was simple: ascend to an altitude of approximately 3 feet, circle the basement, and then land safely back down on the same plot of carpet from which I launched. But what’s a show without its audience? After all, I need people to clap for me when I touch ground just like they do in the real world on real airplanes. So I gathered the family. My dad, equipped with a pillow shield, stood guard in front of our 65-inch TV just in case I had a momentary lapse in concentration or a strong gust of wind decided to find its way through my basement walls. It was time. I pushed upward on the left joystick and watched as all four propeller blades went to work. The speed and wind they produced was exciting, and the drone lifted toward the ceiling with ease.

A few seconds later, I wrecked. Oops.

sky viper drone
Skyrocket’s Sky Viper V950 is downright fun, as it allows kids to explore the skies and capture images and video from a much different perspective. Measuring 12.75 inches from blade to blade, the full-sized V950 is equipped with four propellers that spin really, really fast. A super tough Duraflex body made of resilient polyurethane allows room for the crash without the burn, so even the most reckless flyers can keep on keepin’ on. I speak from experience here, considering I smacked and dragged my drone against my basement walls a few times. But credit should be given where it’s due, and so I must mention the four propeller guards that act as the first line of defense for the drone’s blades. They are removable, but my advice would be to snap them on and leave them on. They’re the drone’s version of a helmet, and Momma always told me to protect my skull. Flight time is about 7-8 minutes, but it fully charges back up again in less than half an hour. I totally get that 7 minutes isn’t a whole lot of time, but trust me when I tell you it’s a really, really fun 7 minutes.

sky viper controller

Let’s talk about the controller. Fitted with two black joysticks and a handful of tiny green buttons, I had no choice but to bust out the user manual to dissect this one. The manual details everything users need to know and left few questions unanswered. The controller’s left joystick allows flyers to control the throttle and rotation, while the left controls direction and tilt. It will definitely take kids some time to feel fully comfortable operating these toggles in unison because it requires some multitasking and a good amount of focus. A little determination and patience will have kids cruising through the air with confidence in no time.

And since you’re obviously dying to know, my absolute favorite feature on the controller is the sensitivity switch, which allows flyers to adjust the drone’s responsiveness to three different levels. This switch is wonderful. Users can adjust it pre-flight and even mid-flight, giving kids the opportunity to up the sensitivity on the fly (pun 100 percent intended). The three sensitivity levels are no joke, as they are all considerably different. Other buttons on the controller allow for one-touch stunts, trim adjustment, and even photo and video capture. They can’t put “HD Video Drone” in the product name if it doesn’t shoot video, right?

Yes, the Sky Viper V950 captures images and video, and yes, it’s pretty gosh darn cool. With a tiny detachable camera mechanism on the front end of the drone, the Sky Viper is capable of recording pictures and videos in full 720p high definition. A simple click of a button will allow flyers to snap a photo or start a recording, so it’s super easy to take advantage of this feature during flight. The camera can even be angled in different positions, which allows kids the opportunity to get creative with their shooting angles. Using the included 4GB micro SD card, they can capture moments from a bird’s eye view and upload them to their computer to share on social media. The quality is clear, and the results will leave any Sky Viper owner to be the envy of their friends and peers.

Overall, Skyrocket’s Sky Viper HD Video Drone V950 gave me my first real taste of the drone world. And let me just say it tasted really good and yes I want more. Simple flying controls and fun features make this the perfect drone for both beginner pilots and long-time experts. Just know that if you decide to buy one for your kids, you’re going to have to learn to wait your turn.