Launch into Fun with the Magformers Sky Track Play Set

The sky’s the limit!

Kids won’t even realize they are learning about physics and motion as they build unique, gravity-defying tracks with the 64-piece Sky Track Play Set, from Magformers. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the set includes 11 different types of track that the Sky Shuttle, a battery-powered vehicle shaped like a space shuttle, zips around.The kit comes with a guide book that maps out 13 different tracks the set can build, but kids can use their imagination and additional Magformers to create many more. Kids can designe the track as a continuous loop, or the route can end with the “Sky Car,” a cart that will send the Sky Shuttle rolling away after it leaves the track.

Some track pieces make the Sky Shuttle perform tricks, such as the spin track, which makes the shuttle do a spin before continuing along, and the seesaw track. Kids will need to use logic and spatial skills when building with these special pieces, because the track must face the correct way for the Sky Shuttle to keep moving.

It may take some practice to get the shuttle properly snapped onto the track, but once it’s snapped on, two clips keep it securely attached, even when the track goes sideways or upside-down.

Each colorful track piece attaches to a Magformer square, making the pieces easy to connect and rearrange. But be sure that the track pieces fully click together because a gap in the track can send the Sky Shuttle right off the rails!

The set is also available in a 44-piece version.



Manufacturer: Magformers
MSRP: $129.99

2 Responses to “Launch into Fun with the Magformers Sky Track Play Set”

  1. Andreea somodean

    Want to throw away money? Throw them somewhere else, this is absolutely not worth it! I knew it was a dead end toy, but I thought at least the building part wouybe fun. Wrong! Putting it together is easy, but it falls apart just as easy. And God help you when you try to get the batteries in the rocket! If you don’t have a surgeon in the family or a robotic arm, be ready for about 15 minutes of cursing at the smallest screws ever invented! And when you finally have it all together, all there’s left to do is for your child to look at the toy going round and round and round and… you get the idea. Oh, except the rocket dalls off the track quite often, so there’s something to do! We have other magformer toys, and like them, but this, I cannot believe someone thought it wouybe a great idea! And before you ask why I bought it, I didn’t, it was a family gift we couldn’t return because, oh well, family! Face palm!

  2. Marilyn Mueller

    Are extra tracks available for purchase on Magforms Sky Tracker 64 piece set?


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