sky-rover-voice-command-drone_auldey-toys-north-america2Not all drones are created equal.

The Sky Rover Voice Command Drone, from Auldey Toys, is a cool stunt drone that does exactly what the name says: It follows voice commands.

To play, kids hook up the headset to the controller, put it on, and simply speak any of the 12 commands. Say “take-off,” and the drone takes off. Say “smart hover,” and the drone hovers in place. Say “double flip,” and, well, the drone does a double flip. It will make the pilot feel like equal parts Goose and wizard.

The Voice Command Drone is recommended for kids ages 10 and up, but is good for all flyers’ skill levels. Its four individual motors are protected by propeller guards, so that those who are still getting used to flying it can crash it without having to worry about doing damage. The drone is durable so kids can even fly it outside, and since it’s on the smaller side, kids can take it along with them on their adventures.

Thanks to the voice command technology, this drone is also easy to fly. A voice in the headset repeats back your commands, or lets kids know if they need to speak a little clearer, so that kids can make sure their drone is doing what they asked it to do. This technology also gives kids a different way to fly in a market—or toy box—filled to the brim with drone options. It’s not only a different experience, but also a very cool one. If they want to take a break from the voice command, the drone can also be flown on its own using the included, basic controller.

So, grab your flight jacket and aviator glasses and get ready for take off. With this drone from Auldey Toys, your voice is its command.

*The Auldey Toys’ Sky Rover Voice Command Drone is part of the Toy Insider’s 2016 Top Tech 12.