The Toy Insider- Crayola Sketch WizardCalling all creative art lovers! The Crayola Sketch Wizard is a new great sketch studio that allows you to draw anything—whether it be a flat image or a dimensional figure or object or even your friends. By adjusting the lenses on the Sketch Wizard, kids can project a ghosted image on paper, making it easy to recreate. Kids ages 8 and up can draw from pictures, photographs, their favorite action figures and dolls, and more.

The Sketch Wizard comes with everything you need to get started, including the Sketch Wizard (of course), Crayola colored pencils, a graphite pencil, five scenes to trace, and five blank sheets. The flat images, such as the included scenes, photos, digital images, etc., are easier to draw than 3-D objects, so beginners can start off their and advance to the slightly tougher 3-D object tracing. However, as one who is no artist, the Sketch Wizard makes drawing the 3-D object—in my case, a figurine from my desk—relatively simply. And although kids have the included colored pencils, they can use all of the other art supplies they have laying around the house to make their creations really pop!

Parents will love that the Sketch Wizard folds up for easy storage and portability, so it keeps the arts and crafts time mess to a minimum. It also will keep kids busy for hours, as it has tons of play value; since kids can draw anything object at all, the possibilities are endless and they can keep exploring new things. It subtly gives kids an introduction to how lenses work and allows them to explore their creative sides. The Sketch Wizard is a great tool for beginner drawers, but more advanced artists can increase the difficulty of the object they are drawing, too, so everyone can get in on the fun.