Test your luck and your aim with Skee-Ball from Buffalo Games. This game, designed for kids ages 8 and up, will make you feel like you’re at the arcade, sans the lights and sounds.

I opened the Skee-Ball box and had it setup in under one minute. (That’s 👏 what 👏 I’m 👏 talking 👏 about). The Skee-Ball board set up slanted, similar to a photo frame. All kids have to do is stand the leg up and the board will hold at just the right angle for tossing. Then kids must snap on the orange ramp to the bottom of the board; this ramp stops balls from rolling away if they do not fall into a hole, so kids aren’t chasing a rolling ball across the backyard or living room floor.

I was impressed by the wooden exterior of the game and the beautiful wooden balls. When kids throw the ball, it really makes an impact on the board, just like in the arcade. Buffalo Games delivered with quality. And while the wooden balls are hard, they aren’t heavy and are pretty lightweight for speedy throws. Also, I dropped one on my foot and it didn’t hurt.

The game includes five wooden balls (each player will only use three balls at a time) and a score pad. Players will throw their three balls for 12 rounds. What’s neat about this game is it can be played as single player, head-to-head, or with teams. I for one appreciated the single player option, as I’m sure this hits close to home for all my fellow only-children out there.

The instructions also include different variations of play and a dictionary of Skee-Ball lingo. Variations of play include being blindfolded, being able to have a “Re-Skee” and score an extra turn, and more!

In terms of the Skee-Ball lingo, I actually learned a lot. Did you know “Butter” in Skee-Ball lingo is “a term you call a Skee-Baller who’s on a roll.” Or “Bombshell” means “three misses in a frame for a score of 0.” Kids will love learning all these new words, especially when they get to tease their friends about a Bombshell 😂.

And last but not least, this Skee-Ball set is so easy to store. Just fold up the legs and ramp on the board and drop the balls in. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s fun.  This game can be played both inside or outside. PRO TIP: Be Butter, not Bombshell.

Well bye guys, skee ya later 😂!