Hot Ride-On Toys for Kids Ages 5-7

In the strange new world that we’re living in, kids and families are rediscovering the joy of play. With summer fast approaching, that means it’s time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, but it could mean burning a little rubber, too!

For kids, every neighborhood is ripe for adventure. That could mean turning the sidewalk into a race track; using curbs and driveaways as a makeshift skatepark; making dirt paths into biking terrain; or doing a little “off-roading” through the front yard. The only limits are imagination — and perhaps a little parental permission.

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The grade school years can be a difficult time to choose the right toys as kids ride the cusp between the younger and older-skewing categories that sometimes seem to have a bigger selection. Fortunately, this season brings a lot of newness with it, and below you’ll find a selection of six awesome new ride-ons that are perfect for kids ages 5-7!