Zoomer is the tech-pet that will become every kid’s best friend. I can’t get enough of this toy! This cute, silly, and interactive dog from Spin Master actually listens and learns, and, like a real dog, sometimes forgets. With realistic expressions and voice-activated commands, Zoomer becomes a kid’s own trainable robotic pet. Even better, he has all the capabilities of a real dog, minus the poop, pee, and uncontrollable barking. A free, downloadable app is available for any iOS or Android device that will teach users training tips for Zoomer. He knows his name and will follow his owner with his light-up eyes. He understands commands in English, Spanish, and French. Turn him on by petting his head; he will wag his tail when he’s happy-just like any real dog! He obeys an endless assortment of commands including, “sit,” “stand,” “speak,” “come here,” and my personal favorite, “play dead.” He operates in independent, training, and listening mode. I can’t explain how this robotic dog can dig his way into your heart, but he will truly become a fixture in his owner’s household.