Singing Mirabel and Magic Butterfly | Source: Jakks Pacific

We don’t talk about Bruno, but we are definitely going to talk about this adorable new Mirabel doll. 

Mirabel is the heart of the Madrigal family, and if your kids are watching Disney’s Encanto nonstop on Disney+ (like I am), the new Singing Mirabel and Magic Butterfly doll from Jakks Pacific is a must-have. 

In the film, Mirabel is the only member of the Madrigal family without a special gift, and the family’s magic is in jeopardy. But with help from her Uncle Bruno, Mirabel discovers a prophecy that will save her family, and she is guided by a magic golden butterfly.

Singing Mirabel & Magic Butterfly looks just like Mirabel from the film Disney’s Encanto. | Source: Jakks Pacific

The film is filled with lots of singing, dancing, and brilliant colors, all of which are reflected in this doll. The doll looks just like Mirabel does in the film, complete with her iconic dress, curly hair, espadrille earrings, and bright green specs. 

And another thing Disney’s Encanto is filled with? Magic — and so is this doll. When kids place the golden butterfly in Mirabel’s hand, they will hear her sing “The Family Madrigal” from the film. Kids can also press her chest to hear her say different phrases inspired by the film, like “Do I love to sing? Yeah!” 

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Kids can also place the butterfly on Mirabel’s headband for a jazzy look, or attach it to her bracelet, which kids can also wear themselves. 

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the doll features tons of articulation so kids can place her in different poses, or pretend to make her dance just like in the movie. Mirabel has a spunky and fun attitude expressed in her cute phrases, and kids will love to hear “The Family Madrigal” song over and over again. Will it get stuck in your head? Yes. But will it make your little one super happy? Also yes. 

Disney’s Encanto is an instant classic that kids will love for years to come, and this doll will be a new favorite, too.