SimonAirFFGrowing up, Simon was one of my favorite games. I’ve always been a big fan of puzzles, and that’s what it always seemed like to me—a puzzle. Hear and see the pattern, learn the pattern, try to anticipate, repeat it back. It was all the logic and puzzling I needed to keep me busy for awhile (Yeah, I was a weird kid.).

Hasbro came out with a new version of the game this year called Simon Air, which mixes everything I loved about the classic game with the opportunity to feel like a wizard. Simon Air is an upright version of Simon where instead of pressing buttons, you hover your hand over the color. Yeah, #wizard.

With this touch-free technology, Simon gets a well-deserved upgrade. The patterns that players must follow not only include hovering your hand over the colored lights, but also new moves such as double, swoop moves, and moves that light up all four lights.

Plus, Simon Air makes the game more fun with multiplayer options that allow two players to work as a team, so while the solo option is still available, you can prove that teamwork makes the dream work. Players can also go head-to-head if they’re feeling a little bit more competitive. Possibly the one downfall of this game is that it doesn’t have a volume control button, but it’s Simon—you know what you’re in for.

While Simon Air is super fun, it’s impossible to overlook the developmental benefits of this game. Not only does Simon gameplay improve players’ hand-eye coordination, it also helps them develop dexterity and their memory skills. The patterns and call-and-response gameplay give your brain a workout while you’re having fun.

So, get out there and put your wizarding (and memory) skills to the text. Simon says.

*Simon Air will be available this fall.