It’s time to get wacky with your friends and family at your special address on Silly Street.

Two or more players can get in on this fun and zany board game from Buffalo Games. Players must set up the game board to start, which comes in the form of an eight-piece, 40-inch puzzle that already ramps up the fun from the beginning as kids put it together. Once it’s all set, players choose from adorable animal game pieces, place them on the first space, and start the game. The player who gets all the way to the end of Silly Street first is the winner! Sounds simple, right? But here’s where things get silly.

To move, players draw a card from the special deck of cards featuring dares on them, and perform the dare in order to move the number of spaces indicated on the card. And you guessed it, these dares are silly! Players will have to stand on one leg, make up a silly handshake, tickle the closest player, and do all sorts of loony things to move across the board. Some cards can let players pull off dastardly deeds, such as giving another player their own dare so they can progress too, or even switch spaces with someone who’s ahead of the board.

The board itself can also affect player’s progress. Some spaces will let you advance take a few extra steps when someone lands on them, but other spaces will force you to skip a turn.

For even more fun, kids can bring just the cards on long trips and play a different game with them. Simply complete the dare and keep the card, and whoever has the most cards by the end of the deck wins.

Silly Street is a great game to keep kids active and creative. Some dares lets kids hop on their feet and perform all sorts of nutty stunts, keeping them on their toes and moving around. Other cards will have them making up hilarious stories for kooky pictures that will engage their imagination. For young thinkers and young doers, Silly Street is a game that helps all sorts of kids develop while having fun.

Throw shame out the window and take a walk on the silly side with Silly Street!