Make Your Own Silly Scented Markers With This Crayola Set

Coloring with markers is fun. Coloring with scented markers is wildly fun. And creating your own scented markers and then coloring in fun scratch and sniff stickers is an absolute blast—and also now a reality thanks to the folks at Crayola!

Crayola Silly Scents Marker Maker allows kids to create their very own scented marker set. Now, if you’re wondering how does one create a marker, don’t fret. It’s actually a fun, simple, and most importantly, MESS-FREE process.

The Silly Scents Marker Maker Set (say that five times without messing up) includes a bottle of red dye, blue dye, and yellow dye and can make up to 16 markers. Each dye smells sweet like a fruit, and when the dyes are combined, exotic scents and new colors will form.

Kids will get the opportunity to build their marker piece by piece, and also design their own unique hue. Using the measuring tube, kids can mix in drops of red, blue, and/or yellow dye. After their blend has been created, they’ll soak a plain marker core in it until it absorbs all the color. Kids will then begin to construct their marker, using a special snapping tool to snap all the marker pieces into place.

What’s neat is, kids can watch the color of the marker core bleed into the marker tip. I’ll admit, I don’t know too much about science, but I was a little skeptical that the marker color would actually bleed into the tip. The instructions ask kids to stand the marker upright, and I was concerned that the marker could magically bleed color upward. Boy, was I absolutely wrong. Slowly, but surely, the color saturated the marker tip, and my marker was complete! Fortunately the marker set includes tweezers, so kids won’t have to pick up the marker core when it’s wet with color.

Included in the set are two pages of whimsical fruit characters that kids can color in to make their own scratch and sniff stickers. However, once the markers have been created, it can be used on any paper—it’s a real marker, just with a pleasant smell and funky hybrid color blend (at least I created some funky colors)! There are also real fruit stickers to accessorize the markers with. I mixed blue and yellow in the mixing tube and made a greenish shade. It smelled like blueberries and bananas. TBH, I’m considering getting this color copyrighted under my name.

Kids can also color in their own marker boxes, instead of being given the traditional yellow and green box Crayola is known for. But as for now, please excuse me while I sniff my new markers—they just smell and look so good! In the meantime, here are some other Crayola products that kids will be asking for this holiday season.



Manufacturer: Crayola
MSRP: $19.99

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