Shredz LifestyleHeavy snowfalls typically mean a headache for many adults—but for kids, the snow provides a perfect opportunity for play. Now, not all kids are daredevils waiting to grab their sled and make their way down the local mountain, hill, or sump. But the fun of snow doesn’t stop at ride-ons. There are some great snow play toys on the market that engage kids’ imagination just as much as their adventurous spirit.

Shredz, from Swimways Corp., are snowboarding action figures that actually glide on snow. Designed for kids ages 5 and up, each of these collectible, pose-able snowboarders stands 3.75 inches tall and includes an ID card, a helmet, and a stylized snowboard. Each figure has his own name and story, including a home mountain, a best trick, and a catchy motto.Shredz

In addition to the figures, the Shredz Track Maker allows kids to build and carve smooth trails in the snow. Using the unique scoop, kids can carve out a mountain for their Shredz figures and design their own miniature snowboarding course. The Shredz jump will allow the Shredz figures to perform high-flying aerial tricks—just like professional snowboarders.

Shredz are a great snow toy for kids who love to use their imaginations. Easy to use—even while wearing gloves—Shredz provide lots of play value, as kids can collect all seven figures, create their own snowboarding course, and live out the snowboarding excitement without actually having to make the journey down a mountain. Though all seven collectible snowboarders are male, Shredz are just as much fun for girls as they are for boys, especially with the intricate and brightly designed snowboards.

Shredz are available for purchase at Target and Amazon.