ShoulderFunUSA.ShoulderBuddiesLifestyleNot every toy needs to cost parents and arm and a leg—and sometimes, kids’ favorites will be the toys that were quickly grabbed and thrown on top of a present. A great example of a fun and funky impulse toy with lots of play value is Shoulder Buddies, from Shoulder Fun USA.

Each Shoulder Buddy figurine sits approximately 4 inches high and has soft, fuzzy, colorful hair. Kids ages 4 and up can wear these “toycessories” by slipping the magical coin underneath their shirt and placing the Shoulder Buddy on top. The Shoulder Buddy will magnetically connect to the metal coin and sit playfully on the wearer’s shoulder.

Biffle the Shoulder BuddyShoulder Buddies have starry eyes and silly faces, but they’re more than just cute. Each Shoulder Buddy comes with a collectible card that features its name, personality traits, and a smart life lesson in acrostic form. Biffle, a white Shoulder Buddy with crazy neon hair, teaches kids to share with others, make conversation, include everyone, learn to be understanding, and end each day with a nice thing to say. Biffle uses these important tips to teach kids how to make new friends and keep existing friendships strong. Flurry is an ice blue Shoulder Buddy with a snowflake on his belly. He teaches kids about the importance of giving (perfect for the holiday season!).

At less than $10, Shoulder Buddies are an adorable collectible for kids with lots of play value. Perfect as gift toppers, rewards, or stocking stuffers, they are sure to keep your kids smiling while teaching them a little something in the process.