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After months of (not-so) patiently waiting, the day has finally come: Shopkins Season 5 is making its way to the toy aisles. So, when you can’t find your children anywhere, there’s a 99 percent chance they ran to the toy section to drool over the new collection. I know this, because I’ll be right there with them.

For those new to the world of Shopkins, prepare to obsess. Shopkins, from Moose Toys, is an adorable line of miniature grocery-themed characters that range from fruits and veggies, to sweet treats, and even stylish accessories.

With the release of every new season, it’s hard to imagine how the next season’s expansion will live up to all the hype. Since Season 4 was so totally awesome, even we had some doubts. Fear not fellow Shopkins-obsessed readers, because Season 5 comes with everything there is to love about Shopkins, plus some new and fun additions.

The new Season 5 categories include: Sports, Music, Tech, and Charms. From the Sports category, kids can collect fit friends, such as Snorky and Bessy Baseball. Music includes big personalities, like Tammy Tambourine and Mike Raphone. Some of the new tech-savvy Shopkins include Gabby Gamer and Cam Corder. Lastly, with 36 unique charms to collect, kids will add Apple Blossom, Cheeky Chocolate, and more to their charm bracelet—a completely new element to the collectible craze.

For all the skeptics out there who worry that the new Charm category will cost them a traditional Shopkins figure, breathe a sigh of relief. Whether kids purchase a 5-pack or a 12-pack, they’ll receive one of the quirky charms in addition to all the Shopkins that normally come in the pack.

Each Season 5 5-pack includes five Shopkins—one in a blind bag— a charm bracelet, and one surprise charm. The 12-pack comes with 12 Shopkins— two in blind bags—and two charms. The Mega Pack is perfect for those who love the element of surprise. This pack includes 20 Shopkins, two of which are visible outside the case, and the rest kids have to rip open the pack to discover.

Top 2016 Toys

Another fun twist to the Shopkins collection is the new bags. Rather than usual baskets, colorful Petkin Backpacks from Season 4 are back in updated colors. Each plastic backpack has a loop on its side so that kids can easily collect and connect their Shopkins backpacks together.

Take a minute to let all the excitement sink in, but remember that there’s still more to come, because Season 5 play sets will also take stores by storm later this year.