You know them, you love them, and they’re back with a whole new style.

That’s right, Shopkins Season 3 is finally here, and correct me if I’m wrong when I say everyone wants to get their hands on them.

Shopkins, from Moose Toys, is a line of grocery-themed characters for kids to collect, share, and trade. These adorable little characters come from all over the supermarket, including the bakery, homewares section, shoe department (one of my personal faves!) and fruit & veg aisles.

Season 3 expands on the fun with three new categories: International Foods, Hats, and Stationery. In the International Foods section, kids will find items from all over the world, such as Suzie Sushi and Netti Spaghetti. Stationery includes fun and crafty characters, such as Snippy and Penny Pencil, and in Hats kids can look for cuties like Casper Cap and Hattie Hat. Some of my favorite Shopkins characters overall come from this season, including Taco Terrie, Molly Moccasin, and the limited edition Ticky Tock.

One of my favorite parts about Season 3 is the new bags and baskets! Updated with a new mold and colors, the bags also have round handles and a glittery finish. The turquoise color of the handles perfectly ties in with the newly updated Season 3 bags and theme of the new season, and the glitter adds the perfect touch (because, come on, who doesn’t like a little sparkle?).

There is a special surprise factor when opening each Shopkins pack, because whether you get a 12-pack, 5-pack, or even just one basket, there will be two characters in blind bags. Kids will be super excited while ripping them open to see if they received a special rare, ultra rare, or limited edition Shopkin. The anticipation was even killing me! Each pack also includes a checklist, so kids can keep track of their new collectibles.

Fear not, Shopkins lovers, because the Shopkins fun will not will never end there. New Season 3 play sets, such as the Food Fair Scoops Ice Cream Truck, will be on store shelves later this summer.