Imaginative play has come a lonnng way since I was a kid. Back then, playing “house” meant oversized, hard-plastic accessories that were unbranded and just a little off from the things present in your home’s “real” kitchen. I don’t remember ever seeing my favorite treats in a cute, tiny size perfect for play.

Shopkins Real Littles, from Moose Toys, changed that. Now, the perpetually sold-out toy line is sliding into the frozen aisle, too. Kids can say hello to their favorite real brands from the supermarket freezer, made mini! With Shopkins Real Littles Frozen Foods, kids ages 5 and up can create their very own mini mega-market frozen food aisle.

Roleplaying gets an upgrade as kids unwrap frozen foods, desserts, and even slushies. There are more than 40 mini frozen brands for kids who love shopping play, collectibles, and surprise reveals to collect. From Firecracker Popsicles and Cool Scribblers to Choco Tacos and Cherry Vanilla Breyers, kids can choose from a variety of popsicles, ice cream snacks, ice cream tubs, and breakfast items in different rarity levels: common, rare, ultra-rare, special edition, and limited edition.

Unlike many other toys that hit on the unboxing and surprise reveal trend, Shopkins Real Littles feature a two-layered reveal. Once kids open the outer packaging, they still have to open the Real Littles brand packaging to get to the inner, adorable-faced treat. For example, kids open sparkly, shiny packaging to reveal a teeny, tiny Klondike Bar tub. Inside of that tub, they’ll find a brown-and-white ice cream bar with a cute lil’ face. The bar resembles the frozen treat they know — and beg for every time you try to make it down the freezer aisle without incident.

Similar to the rest of the Real Littles line, the Frozen Foods line is available in different Lil’ Shopper Packs ($9.99), which include eight Shopkins, eight Mini Packs, and a collector’s guide.