Expand Shopville with the Shopkins Kinstructions Deluxe Food Court Set


Now kids can grab a bite to eat with their favorite Shopkins characters.

The Shopkins Kinstructions Deluxe Food Court play set from The Bridge Direct will have kids busy for hours. Plus, being a food court, the Shopkins are totally in their element.

The picture-based instructions are easy to follow. The construction bricks come in a bunch of bright colors, including orange, pink, teal, purple, and yellow, and some movable pieces include opening drawers and swiveling chairs. I definitely recommend keeping the bricks nice and organized for a stress-free, zen building session. Although it may take an hour or so from start to finish, kids will be totally happy with the finished product.

This set will give kids hours of creative play, including putting imaginations into full swing. The two-story food court even comes with a pizza parlor and sushi restaurant, so you best believe if I was a Shopkins character that I’d be hanging out here all day long.

This 334-piece set even comes with eight Shopkins characters, including some fan favorites Fiona Fries, Suzie Sushi, Banana Splitty, Candy Apple, Candi Cotton, Little Sipper, Soda Pops, and—no spoilers—another mystery figure. These characters are different from other Shopkins in that kids can build them too, but they also have the same squishy texture as Shopkins from Moose Toys, so they will fit into any kids’ collections. Kids can also get creative to mix-and match their favorite characters to create Fiona Sushi, Banana Cotton, and more! They also feature holes on the bottom of their feet that fit in perfectly with the studs on the Kinstruction bricks, so all of the characters can securely be placed on any part of the play set that has them.

This play set is as durable as it is detailed. It comes with stickers to be placed on awnings, and additional accessories like teeny tiny cash registers and cups make all the difference. Plus, all of the building pieces are compatible with most major construction brands, so the building possibilities are literally endless.

The value for this set is incredible, and kids can connect all of their other Shopkins Kinstruction sets, such as the Checkout Lane, Baby Shop, Flower Stand, Burger Bistro, and more to build up the best additions to Shopville ever.



Manufacturer: The Bridge Direct
MSRP: $34.99

3 Responses to “Expand Shopville with the Shopkins Kinstructions Deluxe Food Court Set”

  1. Jonathan Grill

    My daughter got the Shopkins deluxe food court for Christmas and we noticed ours didn’t have the stickers or the cardboard background. Any way we can obtain one?

    • Marissa DiBartolo

      Try reaching out to the retailer you purchased from, or the manufacturer (The Bridge Direct).


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