Even Shopkins Cutie Cars need to make a pit stop every now and then, so why not park your adorable automobile at the Cutie Cars Drive-Thru Diner play set?

The Cutie Cars Drive-Thru Diner, from Moose Toys, is the perfect way for kids to show off their caches of Cutie Cars and mini-Shopkins in style! The Cutie Cars are a brand new line of miniature collectible cars from the creators of Shopkins, giving kids a whole new collectible world to enjoy. Cutie Cars are sold individually or in special packs, and each one comes with a mini-Shopkin figurine that can fit securely into any Cutie Car so they can cruise around stylishly. These diecast cars feature neon paint jobs and adorably oversized eyes just like their Shopkins cousins. Kids can collect 25  in the first series, and scope out all of the cutsie details along the way.

The Drive-Thru Diner play set features four different sections where kids play and display their collections, and even comes with an exclusive Cutie Car and mini-Shopkin.

The parking bay has some tiny removable trays where Cutie Cars and mini-Shopkins can have an imaginary snack. The sky deck lets kids take their cars up for some high-rise display. The elevator lets Cutie Cars go up and down the Drive-Thru with the turn of a pole. Going up even activates a ramp that lets cars cruise into the sky deck all by itself! The spin ‘n’ serve drive thru section also shows off a bit of mechanical fun. Kids can park one of their Cutie Cars in the drive thru and display them with an openable window. When they’re ready to get back on the road, kids can turn the wheel on top and watch the car drive off the ramp and into its next adventure.

The Cutie Cars Drive-Thru is easy to assemble, as parents and caregivers can simply slide the ramps and elevator into place. The play set is also great for engaging kids’ imaginations by encouraging them to create their own adventures with the Cutie Car collections.

The Shopkins Cutie Cars Drive-Thru Diner playset is the perfect place for Cutie Cars to pull over and have fun.