Who doesn’t love a good spa day? Especially soaking in a big tub surrounded by colors, fizzing foam, and a soothing aroma. That’ll release anyone’s tensions.

Before you hop in the tub, create sparkling scented fizzies with Cra-Z-Art’s new Shimmer ’N Sparkle Spa Creations Bath Bomb MakerThe kit makes 20 colorful bath fizzies with the help of a creation station to color, scent, shape, and model unique fizzing bath bombs. 

To start, the station will need to be assembled. The pieces easily twist together once they’re aligned in place, and there are easy-to-follow instructions to guide kids along the way. The process for actually making the bath bombs can get messy, so tweens should make sure to prep their workstation and be careful not to spill the materials all over the place.

Almost everything needed to make the bath bombs is included in the kit—just add vegetable or olive oil to hold it all together! When it comes to building the fizzies, kids can choose between a variety of colors or a rainbow bath fizz. There are three different mixes, with four pouches of each. Mix A determines the color: pink, blue, purple, or yellow. Kids can also get creative and use multiple colors for a fun swirled effect. Add the dry mixes into the clear bin (make sure the purple door at the bottom is closed), then add a few drops of oil (not included), as well as the included scent and a spoonful of water, mixing thoroughly each time with the pink crank. As the mixture combines, kids can see the powder change color. The fruity aroma is strong enough to smell during mixing too. There’s also the option to mix glitter both inside and outside the bath bombs to make your relaxing spa day sparkle.

Once fully mixed, transfer the prepared molds into the purple tray and slide them beneath the bin. Open the bin door, and turn the handle for the bath bomb to fill the mold. Each kit comes with a choice of three molds: a circle, a heart, and a diamond for a variety of fizz shapes. This step can take some time, as with every turn of the handle a small amount of powder travels down the tube and into the mold. Pat down the powder as it comes out and keep adding until it is slightly overfilled. Repeat the process for the other side of the mold. Next, fit both molds together to form the fizzy bath bomb. Kids can also add one of the included charms inside the mold for the ultimate bath time surprise.

It can sometimes be difficult to remove the bath bomb from the mold, so it is helpful to make sure the mix isn’t too dry or wet, with just the right amount of water and oil. Don’t pack the mold too tightly or it won’t be able to pop out as easily. Slowly tip the mold onto the drying sheet tray to remove without breaking it.

Let your collection of bath bombs dry for 24 hours to fully harden before use, then you’ll be ready for a relaxing scented bath. To use, toss the bath bomb into the tub and watch it fizz, spin, and change colors. If you’re not a bath person, don’t fret—they can be used in the shower too! Place one on the shower floor to enjoy the scent and watch it slowly fizz away around your feet.

Now, that sounds relaxing.