🎤Shimmy, shimmy cocoa what, listen to me now. 🎤

Shimmeez, from Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co., are the two-toned sequin plush of our dreams.

Shimmeez fuse super soft and adorable plush pals with tactile sequin fun. Kids ages 3 and up can choose between three fun plushy sizes: 14 inches, for a huge, huggable buddy; 8 inches, the perfect size to fit in a backpack; and 4 inches, which are pocket-sized friends that can go anywhere with kids.

Kids can swipe their hand across their Shimmeez friends and watch as they magically change colors. Yaffa the Unicorn is blue as can be, but give it a swipe and it flips into a fierce fuschia.

Shimmeez are available in tons of different styles, including Polly Pig, Lainey Lamb, Oliver Owl, Maggie Unicorn, Delilah Dog, Arlo Narwhal, Benji Bear, and Cristy Cat. Colors include pink, blue, yellow, red, rainbow, purple, and—wait for it—rainbow.

Each Shimmeez features embroidered details and soft features, but rest assured: Every inch of these plush shimmers and shines.

Shimmeez will not only be a perfect pal for kids, but they will also stimulate creativity. Kids can try to flip specific sections of their plush to create cool designs or glitter masterpieces.

Be warned: Sequin flipping is highly addicting, and Shimmeez are no exception. These unicorns, owls, cats, and more will even be hard to pry out of parents’ hands due to their tactile, stress-relieving nature.

Shimmy on into our hearts, why don’t ya.