Good morning, campers!

If you love Shake Shack, you’re going to love the new Shack Camp, a summer camp experience at home. And even if you’re more of an In-N-Out kind of family, you’re still going to love Shack Camp!

All you have to do is purchase a Shack Camp Box, which includes detailed guides and supplies for six weeks worth of at-home activities for the whole family. You can tell scary stories around the campfire, build frozen custard sundaes, fashion your own lemonade stand, make arts and crafts projects, compete in Field Day, and get involved in your community. Plus, the box also includes $75 worth of exclusive offers (that’s a lot of ShackBurgers).

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The boxes will be available starting today at noon EDT for $79 plus shipping at The first week of camp kicks off on July 13, which you can participate in by following Shake Shack on Instagram.

The campaign will support Fresh Air Fund’s  virtual summer program with a pledge of $75,000 to help kids whose summer camp experiences were disrupted by COVID-19. Click here to learn more about the Fresh Air Everywhere virtual summer camp for kids ages 7-13.