Nerf Rebelle BowI knew it was fate that I wore my hair in a ferocious side braid the same day that the Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster landed on my desk (another example of sharing a soul with Katniss Everdeen, the bow-slinging heroine from The Hunger Games series). This bow is stylish, fun, has the look and feel of a real bow, and, needless to say, totally let me channel my inner Katniss.

The Agent Bow Blaster, from Hasbro, made for kids ages 8 and up, comes with three arrows, a decoder, and a quiver. Assembly of the bow is effortless and the arrows are lightweight and easy to shoot, while the decoder allows kids to read secret messages on the arrows such as “RUN!” and “LOL.” The quiver attaches to the bow, which allows for easy access while shooting or a place to keep them all stored. There is also a place to attach the decoder on the bow.

Insert an arrow though the hole, nock it between marks, pull the end of the arrow all the way back, and then release to fire your arrow at impressive distances. When kids press the sight trigger, a red dot shines to help hit a target with accuracy. I was able to shoot it across the whole length of the office without any problems.

The Agent Bow Blaster is part of the larger Nerf Rebelle line, so kids can collect other awesome products in the series or battle their friends with different gear.