Ready, set, sculpt!

You may not create the next Michelangelo’s David, but a good sculpture will lead you to victory in the new party game, Sculptapalooza.

This is the first game designed for older kids from Educational Insights, a company that is usually focused on the preschool market. The game provides a 10 and up age-grade, but it’s really an adult party game that will make you LOL.

Players divide into two teams. The teams take turns drawing cards and using squishy, squashy Playfoam—oh hey! You know Playfoam! Educational Insights makes that too!—to sculpt what they see on that card.

Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. Players may also get an additional task along with their challenge, such as sculpting with your eyes closed, using your sculpture as a charades prop, or tag team with another player—all the while trying to achieve the same goal: trying to get your teammates to guess what the sculpture is.

(Pro tip: If you play with people who know you really well, your sculptures start becoming ridiculous inside jokes, which adds a whole extra level of LOL.)

If your team guesses correctly before time runs out you get a point, and first to 20 wins!

What’s great about this game is that the whole family can get involved. Sometimes, when you’re playing a game as a family, it’s either too hard for kids, or too easy (read: boring) for adults. Sculptapalooza is as malleable as the Playfoam it contains—it can completely adapt to the group of people playing it. The challenge cards remain the same, but the sculptures vary depending on who is playing. It’s a different game every time.