Shouting “It’s morphin’ time!” is no longer exclusive to The Power Rangers.

Designed for kids ages 6 and up, Alpha Group US ’s Screechers Wild is a collection of vehicles that transform themselves into unique creatures in seconds. Thanks to a special “360-degree flip morphing action,” these cars, trucks, and SUVs will undoubtedly help kids unlock their inner Screecher.

What exactly is a Screecher, you ask? Well, it’s a few things. It’s part hot rod, part animal spirit, and part awesome. Embedded with state-of-the-art weaponry, each Screecher vehicle features a hidden self, activated only by driving it over one of its discs.Screecher vehicles are broken down my class. There are Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 vehicles, and a total of 19 for kids to collect. Depending on their level, each Screecher includes two, four, or six collectible discs respectively. Each one features a unique pattern, making them fun for kids to hunt down, share with friends, and put on display.

To activate the 360-degree flip morphing action and reveal their Screecher’s hidden identity, young ones simply roll their vehicle at a disc and watch as it springs into the air, completes a flip, and lands safely back down on all four wheels. Depending on which Screecher kids have, their vehicle may sport wings, a weapon, or even a head. My personal favorite is H2Octane, a Level 3 Screecher that transforms into a two-headed dragon.To fold the Screecher back into a standard vehicle and hide in plain site, collectors simply remove the disc from the front, and fold the pieces back into place. The pieces do not detach, and there’s only one way to fold them, allowing kids to transform their Screecher in a matter of seconds.

Screechers Wild provides kids with two ways to play. Each Screecher can simply exist as a vehicle, or transform into a crime-fighting beast when pretend play calls for it. Kids will have a blast showing off the product’s unique feature, or relish the opportunity to keep their character’s true identity a secret. That is until a sneak attack is in order.For added fun, kids can subscribe to the Screechers Wild YouTube channel, where they can dive into the animated Screecher’s universe and follow the Savage Mutts, a crew of young animals who loves cars and adventure. Each webisode is only a few minutes long and takes kids on an exciting journey through a futuristic world.

Check out Screechers Wild in action below!