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As summer quickly approaches and you start planning your long car/bus/train/plane/horse caravan to your family vacation destination, a little bit of panic sets in. How am I going to keep the kids (and, let’s face it, sometimes my spouse) busy and out of my hair during that travel? And oh no! What if it rains when we get there? The horror!

Winning Moves has the answer with Scrabble To Go, a travel version of the family favorite board game. There are other versions of this on-the-go word game, but the Scrabble To Go version is much closer to the original board game, for those of you who are Scrabble traditionalists.

Scrabble To Go is completely travel-friendly in all aspects of the game. First, it is a much smaller version of a classic Scrabble board, but is a scaled down version of the full game. That board comes inside a zippered fabric case so that when you’re done—or just taking a break from playing—you can safely pack it all up.

I know what you’re thinking: But, Ali, we can barely play the board game at home without bumping the tabletop and messing all the tiles up. How in the world are we going to be able to play it in a car? Have no fear, dear clumsy reader, the tiles in Scrabble To Go snap into place. This ensures that they’ll not only stay in place even on a bumpy car ride, but also if you need to pause from the game, they’ll stay in place so you can pick up right where you left off before the pause. The racks also have lids that close and hold the tiles in place, so there’s no mix up of whose tiles were whose.

Since Scrabble is a game the whole family can enjoy, this one isn’t just for the kids. The grown-ups will be able to enjoy playing with them, or packing it up on their own grown-up getaway. This game is also great for all the reasons that the classic board game is great: family fun, educational aspects, longer gameplay, but now, it’s easy to pack up and throw in the beach bag. Scrabble To Go is a win-win for your summer travel.