Order up!

LeapFrog‘s Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart doesn’t just let kids scoop out some tasty (although inedible) treats for customers, but also dishes out the preschool knowledge. Through completing different orders and activities, kids can learn numbers, colors, and more.

The cart comes fully equipped with three cones, eight scoops of ice cream in four flavors (chocolate, vanilla, mint, and strawberry—the classics!), three toppings, and a pretend syrup pump that lets kids choose from three different kinds of syrup. In addition, it also features a bell, a cash resgister, order and activity cards, and, of course, the ice cream scooper. Cool magnetic magic lets kids actually scoop everything up with the scooper and place it on the cone—just like real ice cream!

Kids can choose an order card that features a fun animal friend and his or her ice cream order. Kitty wants a scoop of vanilla with sprinkles, while Monkey will take a scoop of mint with whipped cream, please! After the adorable talking cart reads the order aloud for kids, it also helps them remember the order by repeating it with a fun musical beat behind it, so kids can practice their memory skills. Once they complete the order, kids can ring the bell and cash out the customer—just like a real ice cream shop.

Once kids serve up all the sweet treats, they can flip the order cards over for fun activities. “Numbers” helps kids with the basics using scoops and coins, while “Counting” asks them to count how many pumps of syrup they add to a treat. “Stacking” challenges kids to stack up ice cream cones mega high (that Horse customer sure was hungry!), and “Colors” challenges kids to seek out ingredients with specific colors. Kids will have so much fun serving up dessert, that they’ll forget they’re feeding their minds, too!

Like all LeapFrog products, this cart is packed with all kinds of early learning skills. Plus, the handle and wheels (and the fact that it’s kid-sized!) makes it easy for kids to push, and for Mom and Dad to store. Kids will love that this cart is brightly colored and features a fun character face and designs, while parents will love that there’s volume control and it’s the least messy ice cream ever. Like, ever.

Long story short: Preschoolers will be screaming for this educational ice cream.