It’s time to pack up and head out on a jungle adventure!

With the Off Roader with Rope Winch, from Schleich’s Wild Life line, kids can go on an action-packed adventure with the ranger and his young chimpanzee companion. Kids join the two on a wild journey through the jungle on rescue missions.

The set comes with everything kids need for a full-on imaginative jungle excursion. The 4×4 Off Roader has working doors, including one in the back to store all of the necessary supplies. The set also comes with a winch that kids can attach to the vehicle to pull it out of dangerous jungle situations in which they may find themselves. The winch will also hook onto other Schleich vehicles and sets so that kids can build out a whole jungle rescue world.

The Ranger David and chimpanzee figures are articulated and feature grips that allow them to hold the included accessories. Like all Schleich figures, these two are painted beautifully and feature tons of details that make them realistic, from the chimpanzee’s fur to the textures in the ranger’s uniform.

In addition to the Ranger David and chimpanzee figures, this set includes 15 other accessories. Kids can rescue animals with the vet equipment, and use the included tools to travel through the dense jungle. They can also refuel their vehicle with the petrol canister.

The set is awesome on its own—and full of imaginative play and storytelling opportunities—but is also a great addition to the Wild Life Croco Jungle Research Station, also from Schleich. By collecting all the Wild Life sets—and detailed figures—kids can create their own jungle world.

Kids can save the jungle, learn, play and create along the way with the Off Roader with Rope Winch set from Schleich.