Sago Mini Toolbox, from Sago Sago, is an adorable app for kids ages 2 to 4 that lets them use virtual construction tools to create fun toys for their animal friends.

The app offers 15 projects for kids to build using eight tools, such as a wrench, a hammer, a saw, and a drill. Each project begins with an animated scene of an animal, such as a bunny, cat, or bird, as well as raw materials to create something special. Kids build the project by using gestures to move the tools: For example, to cut wood, move a finger back and forth on the screen in a sawing motion; or to drill a hole, drag the drill toward the wood.

I love the animation and musical components in this app. As the tools do their job, music plays simultaneously with the sound of the actual tool, such as a deep wind instrument playing a simple tune as the saw cuts through wood. Also, whimsical graphic effects, such as stars and diamonds, pour out of the task as it’s being completed, such as stars that burst out of the nail as the hammer hits it on the head.

Each project ends with the animal friend enjoying the finished product. From creating a puppet show to building a swing set or a robot, kids can enjoy building fun things with the seven Sago Mini friends as they learn how tools work. Parents can be reassured by no in-app purchases or third-party advertising, keeping the app safe for kids and parents alike. The app is available in the App Store for iOS devices.