Take A Whimsical Flight of Fancy in Sago’s Mini Planes

You’ll believe a kid can fly when they get their hands on Sago’s Mini Planes.

The delightfully simple and terrifically adorable mobile game from developer Sago features the signature Mini Friends taking to the skies in a variety of air crafts. There’s enough variety in the planes and the environments to get kids excited and interested in engaging themselves creatively, whether they want to fly in a space shuttle or a flying banana.


Children can take their Mini Friends passengers through six different environments, such as a sandy beach. They can climb higher up into outer space for cosmic pizza planets, or dip down and fly through an ice cream cone to cool off. The inclusion of flying cupcakes and winged pigs adds a touch of depth and charm to the gameplay. Mini Planes feels like a living picture book you can play with and it immediately took me back to schoolyard daydreaming about my own fantastic feats of flight.


Mini Planes is a great, perfectly-paced game for younger kids with wild imaginations. I can see a lot of kids playing with it on long road trips or on extended layovers, and parents will enjoy that no Wi-Fi is necessary to play. I enjoyed that there was no feeling of pressure on me as a player, because there is no real way to “complete” or “win” the game. The point of Mini Planes is to just explore and have a lot of fun while doing it.



Manufacturer: Sago
MSRP: $2.99

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