Toy Safety Tips from The Toy Insider

Picking safe toys is on the mind of every parent and gift giver these days. Below are the Toy Insider’s Tips and Website safety information:

Toy Tips

  • All toy products should include a recommended age grade on the front of their package (i.e. 6 mo+, 3+, 6+ etc.). Manufacturers put it there for a reason, and often that reason is safety. This is especially true when it comes to toys with small pieces that can be ingested, hinges that can pitch or squeeze, and products that need to be plugged in and/or electronics.
  • Always choose the right toy for your child’s age. By selecting toys that are age appropriate, children will not be disappointed or over-challenged, and the toy will prove to be safe for their capabilities (This website specifically lists our toy selections based on developmental needs and skill sets of children in each group).
  • Make certain that children of different ages play with their own toys. Be careful with toys purchased for older children when there are younger siblings in the home. Always make certain they are stored securely and kept out of the reach of the younger child when not in use.
  • Remove and discard packaging and plastic wrapping. Plastic wrap and bags can cause suffocation and sharp plastic ties and staples can cause injury.
  • If you have concerns with the way a toy you purchased is made, go back to the retailer or the manufacturer. Both should stand by their product as long as they are reputable (and most are). If a product you have purchased has been recalled, immediately take it away from your child and follow the manufacturer’s directions as stated on the recall notice.

Website Information

Check these websites to make certain you have the most current information before making your purchase decision.

Before choosing any toys to be included on our website, our panel of experts to make sure the selections were not just fun…but also safe.