Crack the code and make off with gold and jewels with Spy Code SafeBreaker from Yulu.

This electronic table-top game challenges two to four players to crack open a toy safe to collect more pretend gold coins and diamonds than any other player.

Players kick off the burglary fun by filling the safe with 18 gold coins (three of which are specially marked diamond coins). Then, players take turns picking a number card of 1 to 18, turning to the corresponding number on the safe, and listening in with the game’s special stethoscope. If a player’s guess is incorrect, the vault will let that player know to guess higher or lower the next time they draw, and the safe is passed along to the next person.

A correct guess rewards that player with one to three coins. Players can win the game by collecting five gold coins or two diamond coins. But, not all heists are easy. If the Alarm Bell sounds off during a player’s turn, he or she must pass off the safe without receiving a hint. And whoever’s unlucky enough to get the Alarm Coin is forced to put all of his or her coins back in the vault, so watch out! Remember: crime doesn’t always pay.

Those who want more of a challenge can try the Intermediate level, in which guessed cards must remain on the table, forcing players to remember which numbers haven’t been guessed. And advanced players can try the Expert level, which eliminates the cards completely, challenging players to keep their guesses to themselves.

This table-top game is unique and suspenseful all at once. It gets nerve-wracking to beware the Alarm Bell and the Alarm Coin waiting mischievously to block or even erase a player’s progress, but collecting the right coins at the right time after a number of guesses can be incredibly rewarding. The code changes whenever the safe is successfully opened, so the game constantly changes, giving players a fresh experience every time. The game only takes 15 minutes to play but can keep players entertained for hours. It also has a bit of educational value, as kids can practice using their deductive reasoning skills while they guess the code.

Safe Breaker will be available at Target stores in June.