Get your quarters ready and start your engines because Ryan is taking over a vending machine and a race track in the newest Ryan’s World toys from Just Play! Designed for kids ages 3 and up, these toys combine signature Ryan’s World surprise reveals with imaginative play for endless fun.

First up is Ryan’s World Vending surprise, which functions like a real vending machine! The set comes with four types of pretend snacks: water, juice, chips, and fruit gummies. The vending machine, which is about 15 inches tall, has a lid at the top, which kids can lift to reveal slots for each type of snack. Load the snacks into the machine, and then it’s time to play!

The set comes with 10 plastic gold coins, which kids insert into a coin slot designed to look like Combo Panda. Then, they push the button for the snack they would like, followed by the green checkmark button to confirm they want that snack. Like a real vending machine, each snack costs a different amount of money, so kids get to practice counting and math as they insert the correct number of coins for the snack they want.

Also like a real vending machine, kids can press the red X button to get their coins back if they change their mind about a purchase. To make sure this feature works properly, keep the machine upright, not tilted back. Also, once kids run out of coins, they can retrieve their spent coins via a door in the back! As kids “buy” each of the snacks, they will also hear phrases from Ryan and sound effects, including the sound of coins dropping into the machine.

Unlike a real vending machine, however, the contents of these snacks aren’t edible! Instead of food, kids will find Ryan’s World themed surprises inside each snack container, including fruit-shaped erasers, slime, mini-figures, and parts of a Ryan build-a-figure.

My favorite thing about this toy is that, unlike some one-and-done surprise reveals, kids can reload the snacks over and over! For a fun twist, a sibling, friend, or family member can load the snack containers with new items to keep the surprises going.

Next is the Ryan’s World Combo Crew Racetrack. This massive set comes as a hauler truck, which unfolds into a playset with a 35-inch racetrack! The first time kids open the set, they will discover and reveal surprise accessories and other components of the set.

Once it is set up, the track features a bunch of silly obstacles, such as a sandpit and a pop-up wall. There’s even a launcher kids can use to send included rubber chickens and bananas flying onto the track. In addition to the track, the set also features a pit stop and a winner’s circle.

The set also comes with two motorized cars. This is a surprise element in the set, because kids don’t know which car designs they will find. The cars seat the two included Ryan figures, which snap in so they stay in place during the racing action. (At first, it seemed odd to me that both drivers are Ryan, but it is actually a great way to avoid any arguments over who gets to “be” Ryan when multiple kids play!) The track only has room for the cars to go single-file, not to race against each other, but that seems to fit well with the intended play pattern for this toy. Instead of being an actual competitive race, this track is perfect for imaginative play. Kids can construct a story about a wild, silly race, then determine the winner as part of the story.

I will note that kids likely will not be able to assemble or fold/unfold the set themselves. They will need an adult (who will want to have the instructions handy) to put the stickers in all the right places the first time, then stow away all of the contents in the hauler with playtime is over.

Overall, these toys take the surprise-reveal to the next level, offering plenty of ways to keep playing even after the unboxing is done!