Super Blanky, the fun and imaginative blanket with armholes that lets kids as young as 3 and up turn their favorite bedtime blanket into a wearable cape, now has a sidekick, the Super Towel. And they’re teaming up with and Ryan — the star of the hit YouTube channel Ryan’s World and Nickelodeon series Ryan’s Mystery Playdate — for the Super Towel’s exclusive release in the Ryan’s World Surprise Beach Egg Pack, from Franco Manufacturing Co.

The Surprise Beach Egg Pack also includes fun Ryan’s World themed accessories that are perfect for outdoor activities and playtime. Super Towel will be your kids’ favorite toy that’s just not a toy — and it might also be your best trick to dry off your little ones.

The Surprise Beach Egg Pack comes in a large and bright yellow egg that will already get kids in play mode just by opening it. Peeling off the plastic packaging is easy and “cracking” into the egg with a two-handed squeeze is fun and definitely mess-free.

Inside you’ll find the Super Towel, a beach bag, a scuba Ryan toy figure, a mask, and a giant beach ball, each featuring a Ryan’s World design or illustration. The items are each packaged in a plastic bag, so you will be left with some unwanted waste, but the egg itself can be reused for storing the pack for the long term. This is also an improvement from other Ryan’s World products that used much more plastic packaging in the past.

The Super Towel features a large and colorful cape design with an animated Super Ryan popping out. It’s a great attention grabber and creative spark for playtime. The towel isn’t overtly soft, but it is surprisingly thick and will feel supportive when wrapped around your little superhero. The arm sleeves are positioned well for easy sliding in and out of cape-mode and feel securely attached; they won’t have any trouble staying in place at the beach or in the wash.

Each Super Blanky comes with a corresponding character mask so kids can fully transform into their super alter egos, and the trend continues with the Super Towel, which comes with a Ryan’s World-themed mask. Although the mask and its elastic band is a little flimsy for constant and recurring playtime — its construction appears to be little more than felt wrapped around a piece of cardboard — it’s perfectly safe and all a kid needs to suit up their imagination.

The included beach bag is more of a beach pouch than a bag, but it is big enough to tow the Egg Pack’s accessories minus the towel. While it can help transport all of the egg contents to the beach, it likely won’t be able to help tote the rest of your gear for the day.

The included Scuba Ryan figure is a fun add-on for playtime and is sure to be a hit if your kids already love the Ryan’s World toy line. But the real winner among the accessories is the inflatable beach ball, which, when fully inflated, is about as tall as two Surprise Beach Eggs. If your kids need a fun and portable pool, beach, or backyard activity, there’s nothing simpler than a big ol’ beach ball.

If your kids are a big Ryan’s World fan, the Ryan’s World Surprise Beach Egg Pack might be a good fit for that future beach trip — or even for backyard use during your indefinite staycation.