Ryan's World Super Surprise SafeRyan’s back — and he’s brought us even more unboxing fun!

The Ryan’s World Super Surprise Safe, from Just Play, is a large, mystery-filled safe chock full of toys for kids to unbox layer by layer. Kids ages 3 and up use a bright yellow key to open the secure blue safe. Once they insert the key into the orange lock and turn the green crank handle, they’ll discover separate boxes full of hidden Ryan’s World-themed surprises. Kids must peel, smash, and open the boxes to reveal the toys. There’s even a secret, locked compartment with even more surprises inside.

In all, the 53-piece safe has more than 30 surprises for fans of Ryan ToysReview to unveil and collect, including a sledgehammer to smash open the boxes, tattoo stickers, slime and mix-ins, figures, and more. Each safe will include more than 30 surprises, but no two packages feature the same surprise assortment. The safe that the Toy Insider opened included currency with Ryan’s face on it, gemstones, and a gold bar, among other surprises.

In the beginning, kids may need a bit of help getting the safe open, as you have to insert the key and hold it there while also turning the handle, so three hands are better than two. The secret compartment also requires a bit of extra help to keep kids hands and fingers safe.

Whether kids want to smash some boxes to bits, get their slime on, or count up their chips, Ryan’s World Super Surprise Safe has them covered.