Ryan’s World is heading on a road trip — and your family is invited!

With the new Road Trip Travel Case from Bonkers Toys, kids can transport themselves all over the U.S. without having to leave the house. Kids learn about the different states with an included map that shows them all 52 possible figures that they can collect.

Parents, if you’re a geography whiz, you know that there aren’t 52 states. In addition to a figure for each of the 50 states in the U.S., kids can also collect a rare Washington, D.C., figure and an ultra-rare American Titan. If the number of states slipped your mind (no judgment), this is the perfect opportunity to learn as a family!

The set includes 12 figures out of the possible 52 and each comes with their corresponding state and figure stickers. In addition, kids can unwrap an exclusive Road Trip microvan and head online with the DLC card for the Tag with Ryan app.

To truly turn the toy into an educational tool, parents can suggest that kids name their figures after the capital of the state it’s based on. Sure, Cheyenne, Wyoming sounds much cooler than Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, but it’s a great way for kids to memorize capitals without much thought.

When kids are done with their name memorization, they can move onto the location of the figure/state. Kids can learn from the collector’s map where their figures go and then practice on a map at home. To take it another step further for older kids, parents can print out a blank U.S. map online and encourage kids to write the names of their figures onto it. As an example, kids will learn where their Austin, Texas figure should live and write its home down onto the paper.

Kids can neatly put away the Road Trip Travel Case when they’re done playing because the case doubles as storage for their figures. This makes it an easy on-the-go option for actual road trips and at less than a foot wide, it can even fit into kids’ suitcases with ease.

It’s time to get ready for an adventure. Bonkers is continuously debuting a car’s worth of Road Trip toys at nationwide retailers but families with kids ages 3 and up can find the Ryan’s World Road Trip Travel Case exclusively at Target.