Spin the wheel and discover some surprises! | Source: Bonkers Toys

Ryan’s World is expanding again with a colorful, new playset for kids to enjoy.

Young fans of the famous YouTuber will no doubt be familiar with Ryan’s Mystery Wheel, the large spinner that often serves as a catalyst for the day’s adventures. On his show, Ryan and his siblings spin the wheel to choose an activity, challenge, or game based on where the arrow lands. With the Ryan’s World Micro Mystery Wheel from Bonkers Toys, kids can experience some of that same excitement at home.

Kids can spin the wheel round and round, and when the wheel stops, it’s time to open a door to see what surprises are hidden inside. Will it be a blind-bagged mystery figure? Could it be a surprise toy or a mystery fidget spinner? Maybe it’s a sticker or a game card!

This set comes packed with six micro figures that are inspired by Ryan’s World characters, along with 10 activity game cards that prompt actions (like jumping jacks), 20 stickers, a mystery spinner, three rubber bouncy balls, and 10 blank game cards that kids can use to create their own challenges.

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The beauty of the Mystery Wheel is that beyond the initial element of surprise, there’s a lot of replay value. Kids and families can hide their own surprises behind each door alongside the game and challenge cards to mix things up. Parents may also want to add to the fun by dropping in a surprise treat or two, or they can even let kids spin the Mystery Wheel to gamify rewards for completing tasks at home like chores or homework.

Of course, if you’re a dad like me, you might want to toss in a bad joke or even assign a task. Hey, spin the Mystery Wheel, kids! You might find something awesome or you might find a handwritten note on one of the blank game cards with a new challenge: “Clean your room.”